• Telescopic tunnels

    Telescopic tunnels

    We manufacture telescopic tunnels for players, with pantographic construction. We can deliver tunnels in individually designed dimensions and parameters.

  • Sport halls equipment

    Sport halls equipment

    We deliver stationary and movable equipment for sports halls, facilities, and sports fields

  • Outdoor tribunes, seatings

    Tribunes for sports facilities

    We deliver and install tribunes for sports facilities, also with roofing construction.

    We deliver also roofing construction for existing tribunes.

  • Sports halls equipment

    Sport halls devices for team sports

    We design and deliver devices for team sports, like basketball wall and ceilling mounted constructions

  • Sports facilities equipment

    Sports facilities equipment

    We deliver equipmengt for outdoor sports facilities, like soccer, football and handball goals, basketball outdoor sets, volleyball and tennis posts, ball-catching protective nets.