• Telescopic tunnels

    Telescopic tunnels

    We manufacture telescopic tunnels for players, with pantographic construction. We can deliver tunnels in individually designed dimensions and parameters.

  • Equipment for sports fields

    Equipment for sports fields

    We supply and install equipment for outdoor sports fields, such as goals, baskets, volleyball and tennis posts, and ball grips.

  • Sports mattresses

    Sports mattresses

    We are a producer of a wide range of gymnastic, sports, landing, as well as protective and protective mattresses. The production process is based on the highest quality certified materials of Polish and European production.

  • Dividing curtains

    Dividing curtains

    We make curtains dividing halls into sectors, with manual and electric drive, extended to the side and raised.

  • Sports halls equipment

    Equipment for sports halls

    We design and provide comprehensive equipment for full-size sports and entertainment halls as well as smaller gyms. The devices are modern, certified and meet all the requirements of Sports Associations and Organizations.



    We design and deliver stands to equip sports fields, stadiums. From small mobile temporary stands, to stands for VIP sectors, also with a roof.

  • Sport halls equipment

    Sport halls equipment

    We deliver stationary and movable equipment for sports halls, facilities, and sports fields

  • Outdoor tribunes, seatings

    Tribunes for sports facilities

    We deliver and install tribunes for sports facilities, also with roofing construction.

    We deliver also roofing construction for existing tribunes.

  • Sports equipment for schools

    Sports equipment for schools

    Discounts for shops, schools, sports clubs
  • Order your own print

    Order your own print

    Individual logos on sports equipment