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The full list of football pitch equipment includes both permanent football pitch equipment and accessories for competitors. We offer professional and youth football goals with fastening elements, nets for gates, and all types of football accessories (protectors, goalkeeper gloves) as well as football balls. The offer of the online store is closed by football costumes and the boards of players' changes dedicated to this discipline.


  • Football goals

    As a leading distributor of sports equipment, we fully equip sports facilities of all types - including stadiums and football fields. In this section, we present the offer of football goals, which is addressed both to professional teams (professional goals), as well as schools and local football clubs (training youth goals). The presented products include fixed and portable structures made of steel or aluminum.

  • Football pitch equipment

    Section "Football field equipment" contains number of accessories that are neccessary to responsible preperation and game field maintenence. You can find here both line chalking carts (simple, pressure, chalking), posts sets and also flags defining important field points. Next to them the tapes were placed delineating the playing field and its beach variety.

  • Football nets

    Soccer goal nets placed in this section were made of polyester, polypropylene or polyethylene that guarantees their high quality. Produced in two the most popular sizes: 7,32 x 2,44 m and 5,00 x 2.00 m, they fit both professional and training soccer goals. To order the unavailable net in offer (e.g about unusual parameters), please contact our sales department.

  • Football accessories

    In the section of football accessories you will find both equipment intended for professional football trainings and fans mandatory equipment elements. Coordination hurdles sets, coordination and strenght high-speed training accessories, rebounders, training walls, bands and also flags - it's a proposition directed to every football lovers.

  • Football ball

    Renowed producents (inter alia. Adidas, Nike, Puma, Select) and wide choice of football balls will make happy even the most demanding amateurs of this discipline. Match balls and training ones, destined for grassy surface or concrete, certified, official models or replica, for amateurs and professionals.

  • Football protectors

    Experts say that football protectors should be found on every football player's mandatory list - for both professional and amateur's. Avaible in this section protectors production of the most famous producents (inter alia. Adidas, Nike, Reusch, Puma) ensure high level of safety, protecting the user against injuries, simultaneously guarantees user's comfort.

  • Substitute board
  • Goalkeepers gloves

    Modernly produced goalkeeper gloves are technologically advanced sports accessories. Built of latex, rubber and additional synthetic materials are characterized by high dumping and depreciation parameteres, thanks to those they increase general user's safety. In the website shop offer goalkeeper gloves can be found, origin of the most renowed producents: Reusch, Adidas, Nike, Puma and Meteor.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 113 items