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The offer of fitness equipment includes a set of devices necessary to carry out an intensive exercise program. Electric treadmills, vertical and horizontal training bikes, eliptical trainer, rowing machine, twisters, as well as fitness accessories - steppes, mats, gymnastic balls. All of them come from most experienced producers (including Kettler, BH Fitness, Vision Fitness), characterized by precision of execution and a rich training program. Selected models have a full commercial guarantee that allows their use in fitness clubs and gyms.


  • Electric treadmills

    Electric treadmills included in our offer are modern equipment, suitable for cardio exercises. Using the treadmill does not require specialist knowledge or skills. Sport Plus store offers treadmills of the best brands - Kettler, BH Fitness, Horizon Fitness and Vision Fitness. All models available in this section provide an effective exercise program, a wide selection of training options and a high level of performance. Selected treadmills can be used commercially - the 24-month Full Commercial guarantee confirms their reliability.

  • Vertical training bikes

    Exercises on the vertical training bike allow you to burn calories, strengthen your condition and expand your lower muscles without leaving your home. The presented vertical bikes from leading manufacturers of fitness equipment (including Kettler, BH Fitness, Horizon Fitness) are designed for intensive home training and - in some cases - for commercial use in fitness clubs. Precise execution, advanced training programs and numerous training programs will allow you to conduct training for each user, regardless of their level of advancement.

  • Horizontal training bikes

    Staditionary, horizontal bicycles allow to conducting the intense training with no excessive load on the spine and knee joints. A comfortable posture taken by the exercising person favors it. Avaible in the website shop Sport Plus copies guarantee the highest quality of the conducted training. Precisely made, possessing with the advanced training software ensure the comfortable training program performed in the house.

  • Spinning bikes

    Designed, based on the racing bikes geometry, spinning bikes are intended for everyone who puts on strong, effective training. Inclined position gives the driving dynamic on the sport bike. It also strengthnes a number of mucles of the lower extremities and notably increases the condition. Presented indoor cycling bikes in the bottom are charactized by the reliability and the highest precision of execution. Modern, pleasing to the eye design makes it great looking for both in the house and fitness club.

  • Elliptical trainer

    The versatility of the elliptical trainers made it possible to find them both in gyms, fitness rooms and at home. Thanks to its universal application, training on an elliptical cross trainer will allow you to burn unnecessary fat, shape muscles, develop coordination and strengthen the condition. The elliptical machines presented below - depending on the model and manufacturer - can be used for training at home and for commercial purposes (selected models have a full warranty or a "Light Fitness" type guarantee).

  • Rowing machine

    There are few devices that allow you to train as versatile as rowing machines. Exercises on a rowing ergometer help to strengthen the muscles of the arms, back and lower limbs. In addition - they have a great impact on the body's efficiency, also improving coordination. The device is suitable for both light fitness and heavy strength exercises, which makes it suitable for users of all levels. Made by reputable manufacturers, the rowers presented below guarantee quality for years.

  • Vibrating platforms, Massagers

    Vibration platforms are the alternate for "traditional" fitness exercises. Regular exercise allow you to increase metabolism, get rid of the subcutaneous fat, strenghten tendon, joints and improve circulation. The additional electronic masagers' adventage is no stress on the joints and spine, which allows them to use by persons having this kind of problems.

  • Steppers, twisters
  • Accessories
  • Mats
  • Gymnastic balls
  • Aerobic steppers
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  • Twister designed to exercise the oblique abdominal muscles in a sitting position.Technical parameters:    Length: 120 cm    Width: 65 cm    Height: 120 cm    Weight: 25 kgAdditional information:    Seat position adjustment    High comfort of use thanks to matching upholstered elements

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  • Twister designed to exercise the oblique abdominal muscles while standing.Technical parameters:    Length: 125 cm    Width: 65 cm    Height: 120 cm    Weight: 20 kg

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  • Kettler Track 3 treadmill.A Kettler electric treadmill for home use. Treadmill:    Dimensions when unfolded: 186 x 84 x 137 cm    Dimensions when folded vertically: 94 x 84 x 171 cm    (L x W x H)    User weight: 120 kg    Weight: 85 kg    The distance between the ground and the tread: approx. 16.5 cm    Speed: 1-16 km / h    (every 0.1 km / h)    Tilt...

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  • Unix PX Kettler Elliptical TrainerExcellent quality elliptical cross trainer with a three-year home warranty. Smooth and quiet operation ensures exceptional training comfort and full concentration on the performed exercises. The magnetic resistance system, 8 main training programs and 6 scaled performance programs guarantee effective training for each...

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  • The unique design of the Concept 2 Model D ergometer, recognized by everyone, from a novice user to a professional athlete, perfectly reflects the rowing movement and allows for a comprehensive training in a way that does not cause any injuries. The natural rowing movement allows you to harmoniously shape the muscles of your legs, back, shoulders,...

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  • Horizon Finess S3 spinning bike.A compact spinning bike with a two-year home warranty and a one-year light commercial warranty. A 22 kg flywheel ensures dynamic, intense training in all conditions. Quiet operation, solid construction and a large number of amenities for the user make the S3 model a leader in its class.     Dimensions: 125 x 49 x 103 cm...

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  • A ball with an unusual shape that improves general development training.     Dimensions: 50x100 cm    Made of high-quality PVC, with a load capacity of up to 300 kg    The Anti-Burst technology (slow release of air in the event of damage to the coating) guarantees the safety of the exerciser    Purpose: general development and rehabilitation exercises...

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  • T60 Vision Fitness treadmill.The T60 Vision Fitness electric treadmill is a professional treadmill designed for regular use at home or at gyms. The 3 HP engine, steel structure, a multitude of functions and a high-quality display are the characteristic features of this device. The equipment has a full two-year commercial warranty, so it is perfectly...

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  • Arctic Dual BH Fitness exercise bike.Magnetic exercise bike Arctic Dual designed for home training. The magnetic resistance system of the device ensures quiet operation. A wide range of training options allows you to adjust the training to the level of advancement and the user's needs. The multi-functional, easy-to-use screen provides a number of...

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  • BH Fitness I.TFB Bluetooth exercise bike H862I.Magnetic exercise bike designed for intensive home training. It has an open structure that makes it easy to enter the device. The product is ideal for the elderly and the sick who are undergoing rehabilitation.Basic technical information:    Purpose: intensive home training / semi-commercial    Dimensions:...

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  • BH Fitness SB 1.4 spinning bike. Specification and main features:    Purpose: regular home training    Dimensions: 104 x 52 x 119 cm    Weight: 45 kg    Maximum user weight: 115 kg    Flywheel: 22 kg    Mechanical resistance system    Emergency stop button    Drive: Poly-V belt    Anatomical seat    Vertical adjustment of the saddle    Horizontal saddle...

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  • Andes 5 Horizon Fitness elliptical cross trainer.Massive elliptical cross trainer with a magnetic resistance system, designed for home use. Equipped with a multifunctional computer and a number of solutions facilitating work in the home environment (transport rollers, leveling feet, folding system), it guarantees training at the highest level.Device...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 102 items