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Kategoria ta zawiera komplet akcesoriów sportowych - jak gwizdki sędziowskie, tablice wynikowe, tablice taktyczne, taśmy miernicze i stopery - przydatnych w niemal każdej dyscyplinie. Uzupełnieniem oferty sklepu sportowego jest szereg akcesoriów niezbędnych podczas wszelkiego typu zajęć ruchowych: szarfy szkolne, hula-hop, pachołki, wyznaczniki sportowe czy bidony z pewnością okażą się przydatne w czasie wspólnych gier i zabaw.


  • Accessories for games and activities

    The accessories for games and plays include both equipment necessary for each school (school sashes, granular bags, sets of bollards and markers), as well as a whole range of supplements supporting individual physical exercises - rubber rings and balls, hula hoops, or dexterity games.

  • Water bottle

    Necessary equipment for everyone who actively plays sports. The water bottle allows you to take your favorite drink to anywhere. Lightweight, equipped with sports stoppers allow you to drink on the move, and the plastic from which they are made prevents the absorption. The store's offer includes both sports water bottles as well as baskets for carrying and storing them.

  • Scoreboards – small, manual

    Point counters and scoreboards are necessary equipment for any professional sporting event. Light and handy, they work in many situations. Universal point markers will allow you to show the result of the game in any sport. Additional set indicators placed on selected models will allow you to mark the game time.

  • Whistles

    Modern whistles can emit sounds reaching 120 decibels. As a result, they found recognition and application not only among sports referees, but also among representatives of law enforcement - policemen, city guards, firemen. This section contains professional, modern whistles from the best-known manufacturers and classic ball models.

  • Ball accessories

    The ball accessories section consists of both pumping and transport devices. The offer of universal pumps is complemented by compressors and sets of complementary equipment - the necessary needles and tips, so that these devices will also be used when handling bicycle wheels, mattresses, garden pools, etc. In addition, the accessories department includes nets, bags and trolleys - extremely helpful in storage and moving balls.

  • Electronic stopwatches

    The main function of the electronic stopwatches presented below is precise time measurement. The offer includes devices for storing from one to one hundred time measurements (depending on the model). In addition, almost all stopwatches have additional functions such as a clock, calendar, alarm, thermometer or chronometer, which makes them useful also outside the sport field.

  • Jump ropes

    Exercise with a jump rope is one of the cheapest and also the most effective forms of physical activity. Regular training develops motor skills, improves fitness, strengthens muscles and shapes the figure. The online store's offer includes jump rope designed for both play and professional training - fitness, aerobics or coordination. The wide selection allows you to adjust the length, choose the type of material the rope is made of and other optional functions.

  • Tactical boards

    Among the sport accessories, the necessary equipment of trainers and trainers could not be missing. Tactical boards allow you to accurately track and also present the situation on the pitch: the course of the game, changes in tactics, team status. The offered boards include both universal and dedicated models for individual sports - basketball, volleyball, football and handball.

  • Measuring tapes

    Measuring tapes are applicated mainly in athletics, when there is a precise distance measurement needed. Every contained tapes in this section (about the length of 10,20,30,50 and 100m) allows you to independent accurate measurements leading. Equipped tapes with cranks and hook clamps guarantee user's comfort as well.

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  • Net for up to 10 balls.    A simple, convenient and inexpensive way to store your balls.    The net holds up to ten size 5 inflated balls.    Material: 3.5 mm thick polypropylene.

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  • Net for up to 5 balls.    A simple, convenient and inexpensive way to store your balls.    The net holds up to five size 5 inflated balls.    Material: 3.5 mm thick polypropylene.

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  • Speed ​​58 playground ball.    Made of solid rubber.    The ball serves as a toy for children, developing their dexterity, coordination of movements and accuracy of throws.    Available in various colors.

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  • A ball full of Funny 70.    A light and safe ball for children and teenagers.    Made of microgum.    Resistant to damage.    The ball is available in various colors.

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  • High-quality disc made of natural, solid rubber.    Available in various colors.

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  • High-quality disc made of natural rubber.    The disc is intended for rehabilitation exercises and training to strengthen the muscles of the hand.    The disc is available in various colors.

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  • Leather throwing ball.    Black color with white trim.    Weight 150 g.

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  • Leather palant ball 80 g in a very light brown color with white stitching.The ball is made very aesthetically.

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  • A very light ball made of foam with a diameter of 21 cm.     A safe ball for games and activities for children over 3 years old    Available in various colors

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  • The Pearl model is a patented, two-chamber ballless whistle.     FOX40 is the official whistle in such leagues as: NBA, NHL, NBL, NCAA, Euroleague and others.    Its resonance is 90 decibels, and its characteristic - slightly lower than in the case of the Classic model - sound dominates over street noise and more.    Additionally, its ball-free design...

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  • A school bag filled with granules.     An inseparable element of school gymnastic and sports activities    The outer material of the bag - 100% polyester    The bag is available in various colors

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  • An arcade game that shapes motor coordination.The game consists in throwing the hoop on the stick while standing at a distance from the toy. The number of points for a hit throw can be read from the toy arm.dimensions:    Length of the entire arm: 42 cm.    Folded toy width: 32 cm.    Height of the posts: 16 cm.

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